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Southmost USA is a journey through Brownsville, Texas on the 4th of July and learning about the stories of a community who have been separated by the US/Mexican border fence.

While local residents prepare for the 4th of July parade, picnics, and fireworks, they reflect on their frustrations with the fence, discussing the many repercussions it has on their safety, property rights, families and freedom, as well as what the fence means for America.

Despite the harm that the border fence has caused them, the people of Brownsville, many of them military veterans with Mexican roots, celebrate Independence Day proudly.



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Pablo Villarreal, Jr.
Cynthia Gonzales
Gracie Villarreal
Eric Gonzales
Yvette Vela
Rusty Monsees
Eloisa G. Tamez
Margo Tamez
Mark Clark
Pam Taylor
Michelle Moncivaiz
Mario R. Moncivaiz
Seth Patterson
Rosa Perez
Joe Perez
Produced by Trish Dalton and Scott Davis
Directed by Trish Dalton
Edited by Cheree Dillon
Director of Photography Nara Garber
Second Camera and Sound Enrique Leal
Additional Editing Vik Narayan
Music by Big Los and Joe & Rosa Perez